Friday, May 28, 2010

1st Batch of Flags

Hey Everyone -

WOW - two posts in one day, can you believe it?!

I went to the post office a little bit ago and found a neat little brown box waiting for me from the Flag Dude.

First word that came to mind - AWESOME!!!

Here they are.

The standards for the Simbirsk Musketeer Regiment.

I really like how vivid the colors are and how 'alive' the flags look.

The next set are for my version of the 'South Essex' from the Sharpe's Series.

Now I know there's a company out there that already makes a regimental color for this unit, but to be honest, I never liked it. It always looked funny to me - not quite right.

I also know that this flag was based on the artistic rendering done for the 'Sharpe's Appreciation Society'. Still, I don't like it.

In looking at the painting, and the other flag out there, it dawned on me what looks funny - the chained eagle.

The chained eagle looks way too big for the flag! Almost cartoonish.

So, I started looking at all the British flags for the period I could find. Now I'm not even close to being an expert, but to my eye the special emblems, such as the chained eagle, were smaller. Sometimes they were really small.

With this in mind I started playing with my paint program and came up with a flag that looks 'right' to me. When satisfied I contacted Rick (the Flag Dude) and asked him about making this flag. He said it was 'doable'.

Basically, this is what I sent Rick.

You might notice there is no chain on the eagle - I couldn't figure out how to make one on my paint program. So this part, along with the wreath and such, I left in Rick's capable hands.

This is what Rick sent me.

Aren't they grand!!

Check out the chains on that eagle. You will also notice the cypher used is that of the Prince of Wales. Since the unit eventually became know as the 'Prince of Wales' Own Volunteers' I thought this cypher would be more appropriate than the King's. You will also see it on the King's flag as well.

Perhaps the cypher is completely wrong and wouldn't have been used, but hey - the South Essex didn't really exist anyway did it?

All-n-all Rick did a stupendous job! I can't recommend him high enough.

BTW - before I forget, Rick did supply poles with some finials. I asked him to leave the flags off for a reason, but you will see them eventually.

Hopefully my painted minis will do these justice.

Till next time...

Larry ~


  1. Very nice flags, Good flags really do finish off an army and are well worth the extra expense.

  2. Larry said - "BTW - before I forget, Rick did supply poles with some finials. I asked him to leave the flags off for a reason, but you will see them eventually."

    The suspense is killing me!

  3. Great looking flags. Look forward to seeing them in action.


  4. Hey Larry, Rick's Flags look great as always - wonderful stuff! You may have seen some of his work on my blog as part of my Napoleonic Armies - I also took several photos of my first lot of Colonial Flags too. All the best, John.

  5. Fabulous looking flags!!