Monday, February 9, 2009

My 'Core' Russian Army

I have finally organized the core of my Russian army.

This should give me a good table top army and one that is easily added to.

Following the organization chart is a break down of the figures.

4 Musketier Regiments (32 figures each = 128 figures)
2 Jäger Regiments (32 figures each = 64 figures)
1 Pavlovsk Grenadiers (32 figures)
1 Cossack Regiment (20 figures)
1 Hussar Regiment (32 figures)
1 Dragoon Regiment (32 figures)
1 Cuirassier Regiment (32 figures)
1 Foot Battery (3 Guns & 12 figures)*
1 Horse Battery (3 Guns & 12 figures)*

NOTE* The artillery batteries will eventually double per the ITGM rules.

This comes to a total of 365 miniatures + 6 artillery pieces; and does not count a General or other personalities.

I do plan to add additional miniatures such as limbers w/crew; caissons w/crew and other assorted baggage wagons and such.

Geeze - I guess I better get painting!!!!

Till next time...


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