Monday, February 9, 2009

New Toys

Hello Everyone!

This past week has been a major pain. Not only have I been fighting with the wood stain in our kitchen but I've also caught the 'crud' that's going around. SWMBO has been keeping me doped up for the past few days.

With the exception of a few hours Saturday afternoon I've been in bed for the most part. Towards miniatures I've been doing research and playing with some organization stuff on the PC. I decided not to do any painting. Not to be gross, but painting with a runny nose would not be good.

Anywho...Saturday we had promised to take SWMBO's father to the train show in the big city. I also needed to pick-up a few items for the house as well.

While I really like model trains and such, my father-n-law is the big train enthusiast. I like to go and see the scenery and the items that can be used for modeling.

This year did not disappoint - even if I was doped up. The problem is is that there are more items for the 15mm gamer than the 25mm gamer. However, I managed to come away with three items.

From the top there is a 'Wonder Cutter' (gotten dirt cheap); some Faller HO fencing (excellent for 25mm trellises); and a section of stone wall in plaster.

I have wanted one of these styro cutters for quite awhile and couldn't believe my luck in finding a new one in a junk box!

Now I can build some items out of foam without the mess now. I have read that these things eat through batteries so eventually an electrical one will end up in the tool box.

Here is a closer look at the stone wall.

I am thinking about making a mold of this thing so more can be made. I have a few projects in mind that will require stone walls and making a mold is not hard.

Hopefully I will get some painting in tomorrow. I wanted to some tonight, but my arms are sore from all the sanding and my nose is running again. At this rate I'll be lucky to get a Russian army finished in the next 10 years!

Well, till next time...


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